2022 Americas Sample Management Symposium

The SLAS 2022 Americas Sample Management Symposium program will focus on the best practices, lessons learned and new trends in sample management with an emphasis on the impact and potential of emerging technologies and applications of automation along with the business impact and growing challenges of sample management within the supply chain.


Expanded Sample Management 

Session Chair: Kristen Nailor, Senior Scientific Manager/Biologics Sample Management Team Leader at Genentech

In this session we will explore quality control and what it means for sample management. 

Compound Management in the Age of Perpetual Problems 

Session Chair: Elizabeth Admirand, Associate Director, Head of Compound Management at Agios Pharmaceuticals 

This session will explore supply chain issues in sample and compound management, how companies and groups work with CROs, the challenges and mitigation strategies, and future proofing.  

What is Your Sample Management Wish List 

Session Chair: Duncan Mcnicol, Associate Director, Research at Merck 

Join this discussion on what startups, mid-size and large companies, academics, and vendors need. Explore solutions to those wish list items, and strategies for influencing management to convince them of upgrades.  

Automation Technologies in Sample Management 

Session Chair: Linda Traphagen, Manager Plate Prep in Compound Management at AbbVie

How do informatics, data, AI/ML integrate and affect sample management processes.