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Welcome to 490 BioTech

490 BioTech’s synthetic luciferase technology enables autonomous, real-time reporting of compound bioavailability, biological events, or metabolic impacts from any cell.  
By removing the need for external stimulation it can automatically turn on or off light production to indicate biomarker transcription or changes in differentiation state, continuously emit harmless visible light to enable persistent localization and viability tracking, or autonomously adjust signal intensity to reflect real-time changes in metabolism, toxicity, or any other desired cellular metric.  
This solves the problems of uneven excitation and emission in 3D culture applications, allows the distribution, health, and propagation of implanted cells to be tracked in real-time in small animal models, and removes the need to sacrifice precious in vitro samples concurrent with luciferin exposure.  
Choose from easy-to-use assay kits that can report viability or transcriptional activity in any cell for up to one week or more, ready-to-use continuously bioluminescent cell lines that automatically adjust intensity to reflect real-time changes in cellular health, robust yeast-based kits for environmental and water quality monitoring, or let us design a custom solution to free you from luciferin.  
Switch to continuous bioluminescence today to enable exciting new capabilities and accelerate your research by producing more data, reducing costs, and enabling continuous automated tracking without requiring perturbation at any point throughout the data collection process.